Coach and Comedienne Extraordinaire


Honored to be part of 146 years of history; shocked that they not only captured my one year of touring, but that they ACTUALLY INCLUDED MY NAME! THANK YOU DAILY NEWS! *Click above for close-up!

     Brooklyn native acrobat/comedienne/money relationship coach Olivia Lehrman Sblendorio revels in helping people along their journeys. Bringing fun, breath, and laughter to even the most stressful of topics, an encounter with Olivia will leave you feeling lighter and inspired. Whether helping couples through tough tensions or being hilarious on stage, she helps individuals find their paths.

Wait. Circus? Money Relationship Coach? 

When the whole self expands and plays, growth and healing is inevitable. This is why Olivia brings her holistic self to the world…in one handy website! Old rules say we need to hyper-focus and streamline, but the most powerful game in town is celebrating every bit of ourselves. So…WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?


    Olivia is trained to help people gain clarity in their relationships to money. Having completed Karen McCall’s Financial Recovery Institute Coaching Course, Olivia has also studied Sacred Success with Barbara Huson (nee Stanny), and the Creation Course at Regena Tomashauer’s School of the Womanly Arts.

   Olivia still enjoys creating original theatre pieces, from coaching storytellers to choreographing for burlesque artists.  Swinging from a Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus flying trapeze act to character work with Naropa University Masters students, she has trained within a vast community of friends in New York, Boulder and California, and from Master teachers including Giovanni Fusetti and Avner the Eccentric.  Whether performing aerial silks or clowning on a cruise ship, she loves the unique moments of interaction with each new audience.

       She has taught Pilates and circus arts all over New York City and the Bay Area, for such companies as Big Apple Circus After-School Program and Aerial Arts Santa Cruz. Olivia volunteers on social clowning expeditions with Clowns Without Borders, and has performed at festivals and in venues worldwide. She performed with the Medical Clown Project, changing the health care system one laugh at a time. She teaches and is developing work with adults with special needs, through the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, CATA, and Berkshire Meadows.

      She was a semi-finalist in TWO Andy Kaufman Awards, was nominated  for best clown character at the Downtown Clown Revue awards, and produced and performed Pretty & Papi, which won Frigid NYC’s audience choice award.  She’s forayed into street performing, bringing her comedic acrobatic and circus skills to audiences from Boulder, Colorado’s Pearl Street to Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. With Leah Abel, she formed their production company, Awkward, At Best, which brings their unique skills and comedy to corporate events across the nation, and with which they hope to soon perform on Olivia Cruise Lines!

Olivia’s favorite character, MS. PRETTY SMART, continues to emcee and perform her solo work at cabarets domestically and in Europe.