Acrobat and comedienne extraordinaire


Olivia teaches exciting ways to use the human body.  Whether through circus classes for urban youth, private Pilates lessons for working mothers, or Mandarin Chinese language drill sessions, NO BODY has ever regretted meeting Olivia.

GIRLS’ SELF-EMPOWERMENT GROUPS: Email to schedule a personalized workshop at your daughter’s school or gathering of friends. See workshops tab for more information.

TEACHER TRAINING: Email to bring me to your studio to conduct teacher training, focusing on Children ages 3-12, with special add-ons addressing teenagers and wee ones. I will help get your staff all on the same page, and give sample warm-ups, address tough FAQs, and explain the reasoning behind the pedagogy.

KIDS’ Santa Cruz Circus Camp!  


Pre-registration is required; Call 917.554.3182. 

PERSONAL STRETCHING AND PILATES: …………….. Your home or my studio.

KIDS’ Santa Cruz Circus Classes …………… Call 917.554.3182 to register.This class will focus on acrobatics, partner acrobatics, handstands, and aerial skills.
Ages 6-10; $87/month  Call to register.

ADULTS’ Basic Aerial Silks

Kids’ Minimum Program: Everything circus: aerial arts, tumbling, handstands, unicycle, juggling, clowning, character work.
Ages 7-12; 4 & 8 week sessions available   Must call to pre-register.

ADULT CLASSES  @ Aerial Arts Santa Cruz


Open to people who’ve dreamed of doing handstands (even if it hasn’t happened yet), who wish they could ‘fly airplane’ on someone’s legs once again, and people who have experience doing handstands and want to improve them.  Through partnering and individual progressions, this multi-level class has something for anyone wanting to get upside-down…and stay there!
$20   Call to register.


Handstands Galore
A must for parents of girls in this world.
Luma Yoga is having me teach a workshop for both people terrified of going upside-down and people who want to develop partner skills.
This is a great class for mothers or fathers & daughters.
Jan 12 Noon-2pm

Click Here for Details and Registration

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 Students’ and Care-givers’ Testimonials:

“Olivia knows her stuff, and being trained in Pilates with her is like having someone unlock the combination to your body.” ~~Rahti Gorfien, Brooklyn, NY

“Circus/Acrobatics class is one of the best activities my daughter has tried– and she has tried a lot!  She LOVES this class!  Olivia is brilliant with the kids.  Her humor and skill make her a great teacher.” ~~ A.E., Santa Cruz parent

“Your passion was a very positive point for the children.”~~R.A., 1st Grade teacher after a 10-week residency program.

“I keep telling everybody about how much I benefitted from your training – I wish we’d still have you here in Boulder.”~~Sebastian Schmidt Boulder, CO

“I have had scoliosis since I was 12 years old and working with Olivia was the first time I felt the heart of the matter was being dealt with…through our sessions (which were complete workouts) my body learned to FEEL the required balance and new ways I COULD be moving instead of the old way of “holding” muscles that were overworked as they compensated for other muscles…She catches me when I cheat by even the slightest move. It is wonderful to feel that the person helping you grow in strength, and realign your body, is so perceptive that she catches everything…above all, everything is based on play and gentleness; Olivia is the most effective and gifted personal trainer I have ever worked with.”  ~~Sofia Franciscus Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines